What We Do

  • Enquiry

    We serve as a one-stop information and referral centre for individuals and families to seek information or assistance regarding available community resources. We will assist with referrals and linkages to the appropriate agencies or services where necessary.

  • Counselling and Casework

    We provide a secular and holistic approach in our casework management. Casework and counselling service enables individuals or families facing challenges and difficulties in their lives to gain an insight of their issues and to resolve them. We provide counselling for individuals, couples and families to address the following issues:

    • Marital/Family/Parent-Child Issues
    • Relationship Issues
    • Confidence and Communication Issues
    • Grief and Loss
    • Anxiety and Depression Management
    • Stress Management
    • Financial Management
  • Groupwork

    We conduct workshops and therapeutic groupwork to support our Casework & Counselling clients. In groupwork practice, we help individuals better understand themselves within group settings with the aim to help them make informed choices with enhanced awareness of their feelings and interpersonal behaviours.

  • Community Work

    We conduct outreach to assess the needs of the community, to educate residents about the available services and resources and to ensure greater awareness of our centre.

    In community work practice, we will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to respond to identified risks and needs within the community through broad strategies such as harnessing community resources, networking, outreach and advocacy.